New Orleans Boutique Hotel

History:  Indigenous groups called the Mississippians, Choctaws and Natchez occupied this land five to ten thousand years before Europeans, who entered the scene in 1682, when the French explorer, La Salle established a colony called La Louisiane- named after the Sun King- Louis the XIV.  A French naval officer, Jean Batiste Bienville, founded New Orleans in 1718.  By 1762, the Spanish took over and here follows four decades of Spanish influence on the area. - walled courtyards, separate kitchens and servants’ quarters, iron balconies and olive oil cooking. The French got the area back in around 1802, but Napoleon, desperate for money to pay for war, sold it to Thomas Jefferson in 1803 in a shrewd business deal known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Hotel Yountville

History of the Area:  Native Americans, known as the Patwin tribe, inhabited the Napa Valley for 60,000 years.   They named the valley Talahalusi, or beautiful land and hunted large game and gathered native plants to survive. The Caymus tribe (for which a winery is named) was part of a larger group of native people that were known as "Wappo" or brave. In 1776, the Spanish, the first white settlers in the area, erected a fort near Napa and were the first large land claimers to "ranchos" in the area.